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On food & cooking

So, before they come back in here to cut me off, is there a question you'd really like to get and no one has ever asked you, and you think you should answer it?

*laughs* I don't know..

That's a weird question.

I had that question once and I said well 'how to make a good cup of tea'.

I remember reading that, yes.

But.. that's done now.. Hmm, I should make a stash of questions for these occasions.

*thinks long and hard* Maybe.. 'What kind of food do you like?'

Maybe people will be interested in that.

Yeah, so what kind of food do you like?

I eat basically everything, I'm a trashcan.

That was a terrible question then.

No, I mean, what do you really, really like?

Pasta. Italian. That's my passion.

Can you cook?

Yeah, of course!

Aren't you supposed to be able to do that in order to survive? *laughs* I think what you're really asking is 'Do you like to cook?'

Yes I do, because then you can get the taste you want.

And make it with love. Always.

Yes, of course. And it's always nice to cook for someone else, because they appreciate good food and you feel happy about yourself. So, of course I like to cook.

And, Daniel, what is your favorite food?

I'm not very much into pasta. I think Indian food would probably be on my top list. I don't know if there's a particular dish that I prefer. I like the spices that they use. And I really love Lassi, you know, the yoghurt drink. And the Aloha burger, but that doesn't exist anymore. It's been gone for over a year now.. I'm getting over it.

So, do you like to cook or not?

I don't like to cook.

You don't. Why not?

No. I think it's too slow.

Depends on what you make.

I know, but, it's just like walking. I just get extremely bored very quick. I think it is nice to have cooked and sit down and eat it. I like that part of it. Johanna always tells me I make good food.

She only does that because she wants you to cook. *laughter*

Yeah, thank you. *laughs* Well, she makes very good food too. And there are actually some things I like cooking.

Like what?

I have periods. You know...

Sorry.. *bursts into laughter* Oh my god..

I saw what she was thinking, I thought the same thing. And I was like.. 'You do?' *more laughter*

No, no, I don't have that, no. Well, not right now.. But a week from now, my temper will be very, very bad...
Err, but what I was saying.. for a certain amount of time.. I can make a particular dish very often, because then I get addicted to it.. And then I can enjoy making it, I don't know why, but, it's like that. Lately, I've been making a lot of fried salmon, salmon filets – I thought I hated salmon, because I had only tried the flat roasted stuff, I don't like that, but the filets are very nice.

At that point, we ran out of time, and I thanked both Daniel and Johan for the pleasant conversation. We're sure to meet again when they come back to Holland, because I still don't know what the snowman looked like ;) Anyway, I hope that it was an enjoyable read for all of you.


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