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Simon Andersson

Simon Andersson


Presently living in
My flat.
Warwick Fortress one 5-string.
Vintage modified P/Telebass 4-string.
Various Mayones 5-string...
EBS Classic 450 head.
EBS ClassicLine 8x10 cabinet.
EBS pedals.
Musical background
3 years music college, session musician, studio musician...
Previous bands
A lot... But Synkopaterna (still playing with them) and Outshine are the most serious ones.
What would be your job if you had not been a musician?
Describe yourself with 3 words
I am music.
Worst nightmare on stage
Getting sick and really need to go to the toilet and puke and/or have some serious shit issues :)
Worst nightmare in general
Die? Not afraid of it thou, but it'd be pretty stupid right now. I have too much stuff to explore.
Best own gig
With POS? I guess A38 in Budapest (010608)... Something magic happened on stage. Wonderful crowd, intense, warm, a lot of jumping. And of course a big hand for the dudes who opened for us, To-Mera, who helped us rocking the boat!
Best gig by other band/artist
Hmm... Justin Timberlake, maybe... The Future Sex-tour, don't remember when it was...
Favorite song to play live
Beyond the Pale and/or King of Loss. I haven't played them live yet, but I'm pretty sure they will be the ones. So far, The Perfect Element, I guess...
Favorite pos-album
The next one.
Life philosophy
Well... As long as you don't hurt anyone, try to live the life.

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