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Kristoffer Gildenlöw

Kristoffer Gildenlöw


Backing vocals
Presently living in
Nieuwegein, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Mayones basses
6-stringed Comodous Fretted (special design cat paw inlays)
6-stringed Comodous Fretless
4-stringed BE Fretted
4-stringed BE Fretless
Other basses
Fender Jazz -73/74
Schack Unique (now serving as Piccolo bass)
Galveston 12-stringed
Mayones Sitius Vin 6-stringed
Line 6 Variax 600
Amps and effects
Line 6 PoD X3 Live
Other equipment
A Cello, a Double bass, three acoustic guitars (one fretless), Yamaha P-80 (the good one), Roland TD6KW (used to record my demos).
Musical background
Started playing Piano at the age of eight. Switched over to electric bass at age of 14 (as there was no spot over to take drum lessons). Music Gymnasium (age 15-18 (or 16-19 depending on when you're born)). Additional lessons in Double Bass, Vocals and jazz improvisation. Sound Engineer/Sound Designer at KM-Studios, Karlskoga, Sweden. Swinging it from there... ;)
Previous bands
Nothing to mention really. Started playing music in bands pretty late and I joined PoS pretty quick. Had some school bands where we'd play covers and so but nothing serious.
What would be your job if you had not been a musician?
Ha-ha!! I have always had a 'normal' job on the side. What, you thought you could live on playing music?? I've been a music teacher, a truck driver, working in music stores... I've even had my own music store for a while... These days... I'm working with Chemical Waist for the City of Utrecht, NL. I'm not saying that this is the job I planned for, but then again... I probably won't do it for the rest of my life either. I wander around and try to learn something from everything I do, working up life experience, information, knowledge and inspiration and influences for the future.
Describe yourself with 3 words
Worst nightmare on stage
Not knowing what to do. Being unprepared, that I hold in my own hands (although I've been unprepared too many time already, mostly due to underestimating the material). But sometimes I can get black outs on stage and all of a sudden I can't seem to recognize the music or what I'm suppose to do. Like my hands are not mine and the fretboard seems 5 miles long and the music seems to speed up. Horrible!!!
Worst nightmare in general
Anything bad happening to my daughter. I'd tear down heaven and hell for her.
Best own gig
Hard to say. I guess it's a matter of opinion. I've heard several times that our first PoS gig at ProgPower USA (Chicago) was a very good show. After a long, bad trip, hardly any food and sleeping two hours on the Airport Floor in Baltimore, USA)... I can't say that I remember anything of that gig. I have photos though, proving that I was there. Sometimes you play great in front of a silent, negative audience who doesn't give you any energy back at all, sometimes you play crap in front of thousands of screaming fans who just love everything you do and it gives you such a rush just to be there.
Best gig by other band/artist
Roger Waters at Arrow Rock festival 2006. He was headlining with a 3 Hour show ending up with the complete 'Dark Side of the Moon'. It had been a perfect day with great music and wonderful people. I was really looking forward to RW this festival and it was was just perfect. Halfway through DSotM I got the strangest feeling. Turning around I saw this gigantic full moon raising behind us adding one of the most spectacular live effects I've witnessed ;)
Life philosophy
As I get older, I hope to get wiser. I try to learn from everything and try not to make the same mistake twice, as well as I try to learn from other peoples mistakes.
So far, I've learned this:
There are people for everything (no matter the task at hand, there's always someone there to do it).
Shit really does happen.
You CAN be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.
Most of all, try to make the best of it and always try to be the best you can.

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