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Léo Margarit

Léo Margarit


Presently living in
Eskilstuna, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, Earth, Universe, all the Universes, and Stuff (So it has to be the center of this all ;))
Sonor Designer maple light 20/8/10/12/13/15/16
Snare drums: Sonor Designer maple light 14X4, Sonor Signature steel 14X8
Musical background
Graduated at the French conservatory of music in classical percussions, chamber music, and ear training, and at one year to obtain the drums and jazz (I had to give up because of moving to Sweden ;)). I used to play in many different bands, from classical music to grind, and from reggae to electro
Previous bands
As I said, I've played in 1 million bands, but the only one that some people might know is Zubrowska, and I still play with them
What would be your job if you had not been a musician?
Considering the fact that I need to find a job and I don't know what to do, it's an excellent question ;)
Describe yourself with 3 words
Solitary, passionate and maybe extreme in a way…
Worst nightmare on stage
To play in front of nobody.
Worst nightmare in general
I guess, it would be to wake up one morning, being 50 years old, and be disappointed in my life. Fortunately it shouldn't happen in my musical career, since I play with the best band on earth :p
Best own gig
I think with PoS, it's probably the last Budapest gig, last week. I had a tough weekend emotionally, with good and bad feelings, and I guess I transferred all this into the music. The crowd was fantastic too.
Best gig by other band/artist
Hard to say...Maybe the first Freak Kitchen gig I saw, in a rehearsal room in France in two-thousand-something, and the PoS one in Paris in 2007, when I wasn't in the band yet. Maybe Metallica too, back in 1996, my first metal concert.
Favorite song to play live
Diffidentia. I was in trance in Budapest :p
Favorite pos-album
Maybe BE, for being so complex and so beautiful at the same time...But still it's really hard to choose...
Life philosophy
I try to stay just with my convictions, which is not always easy…

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