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Daniel Gildenlöw

Daniel Gildenlöw


Lead vocals
Presently living in
Barva, Eskilstuna, Sweden. Nature on my doorstep...
Well equipped! What, you mean my music gear? Don't even get me started... :)
Musical background
Started playing guitar and piano at home. Formed the band Reality when I was 11 with my two best friends, the circle of musicians expanding every year. Went to music high school (I will never learn the US equivalences to the Swedish educational system) and the band changed name to Pain of Salvation in 1991.
Previous bands
Pain of Salvation has been my previous bands, with names such as Reality, Trident and Fuse. Apart from that I have taken part in side projects such as The Flower Kings, Transatlantic and The Q-Krunkers From Hell.
What would be your job if you had not been a musician?
I am tempted to say 'any normal job that would get me a monthly salary and a pension plan' but the truth is probably closer to author, radio show host, actor, politician or any other job that would let me use my communicative skills and creativity while at the same time offer complete and utter instability when it comes to the financial situation.
Describe yourself with 3 words
1. Ask
2. Someone
3. Else
Worst nightmare on stage
Once, back in 1990 or so, we made the bad decision that we would play two gigs on the same day, in two different cities. We soundchecked at noon in Eskilstuna before going 100km to Örebro to play a gig there. That show went ok (apart from Johan's drum chair actually going through the floor of the stage) but after we hurried back to Eskilstuna for the second gig, we had a rough night. First off, we broke two strings (the same string) and after a few improvised jam sessions I had to continue with a D string instead of an A string, which caused a nice doppler-like effect every time you played it. After this, a fuse blew so that half of the lights went out, shortly followed by the PA system giving up, and I had to route my vocals through Daniel Magdic's guitar amp (it had two individual channels). After another song, his guitar amp died too, and I sang the rest of the song as loud into the audience as I possibly could (with only one guitar - the one with the doppler effect), before we finally gave up and called it a day. We didn't play one single song through as it was supposed to sound. Needless to say, anything is a breeze compared to that, so I can handle most situations on stage.
Worst nightmare in general
Oblivion. To die. Now, that anything bad would happen to Sandrian.
Best own gig
I don't know - it's so easy to confuse passion and perfection, action and reaction. Sometimes I feel I have never played a good gig, but then my standards are very high. I want to feel the show has profoundly changed my life, and that rarely happens. The second best is to touch the audience, to see people filled up, laughing, crying, giving themselves up for an hour or two. Luckily, we've had many of those gigs.
Best gig by other band/artist
Must be either Njava (Madagascar) or Habib Koite & Bamada (Mali), who both impressed me immensely at the Falu Folkmusik Festival back in 1997. I rarely see live shows.
Favorite song to play live
Bound to be some of the new material, but otherwise Ashes, America and Disco Queen. I also like Undertow and Inside, but they both demand a frightening amount of energy from me, in their own two different ways.
Favorite pos-album
Life philosophy
Die another day.

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